Week 1 in Kunming 

It’s been almost a week since we landed in china, there’s been ups and downs. Mostly ups so that’s good. We have to settle an apartment, our visas and school for this first week. I’ve yet to research on where I want to travel around the area but I’m sure once I start it won’t end. There’s so much to this country that I can possibly imagine. From cultures to food to delicacies, it’s countless. 

Everyone here has been very helpful, kind and pleasant to us. Even though with my half spoken Chinese and Fabs cluelessness of the language. We still manage to get around of course with the help of my parents who know their way around. We tried walking to the nearest mall with a Chinese sort of google maps and it was interesting. I had to concentrate so hard to read and focus. The weather is so beautiful. There are flowers everywhere and trees. It’s all very scenic. 

Most of them have pet dogs here or have babies. The city has very young people or very old people, not to much in between. Oh! There’s also a city bike that everyone takes and rides around $1 per ride, isn’t that so progressive! There are many police stations and securities around so that makes me feel safe. 

The food is exceptionally spicy here. They have chili on spice on chili on peppers and that’s most of their dishes. Their advanced in technologies is insane, even their maps or WeChat is crazy! 

Signing out for now. 

Moving in to our apartment tomorrow. 

Peace xx