Beauty of Nature:Krabi

Longtail boats (and the default Krabi shot everyone takes)

Longtail boats (and the default Krabi shot everyone takes)

I have never felt more at home. The quietness and peace here allowed me to appreciate the beauty of nature all around. And its people are just the right amount of friendly and nice.

Tips and thoughts on Krabi :

1) Go for their island tours – They’re a great way to see a variety of islands, tours usually last from 8am till 2ish, cost about 500baht by speedboat and 1000baht by longtail boat. But stay away from the Phi Phi Island tours during the tourist season as they tend to get very crowded.ย More info at

2) For a more tailored experience (or if you missed the tour), rent a personal boat for a day which would chauffeur you around to different islands.

3) Instead of island-hopping, head to the beautiful Tonsai Beach to unwind. Get there by boat, its only about five to ten minutes away from Ao Nang Beach.

4) If you need some time away from the sun, why not pick up some new skills? There are cooking, yoga, rock climbing classes and many more available on the island.

5) We stayed in a hostel at Ao Nang beach. Beach bums can walk to the beach everyday!

6) To get to Ao Nang, take a shuttle bus from the airport. Tickets can be bought at the airport counter.

7) Kayaking during monsoon season is really not advisable.

8) The sun in Krabi is intense! Remember to bring sun screen, aloe vera and a hat (if you don’t normally spend much time in the sun)

9) Go to the night markets only if you have extra time.ย They’re quite small and sell things commonly found everywhere else in Krabi.

10) Catch at least one sunset, they will take your breath away.

Stay close a galore of Krabi pictures coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚


Sunset from a boat


Rustic feel of the island

Rustic feel of the island